Spring Semester [ 2001-2 ]
Section 21 - Linda A.E.Cripps
content update: 14 February 2001  

 AutoCAD Design Center
Copying Layers from Other Drawings

AutoCAD 2000 has a new feature called the "Design Center" that is very useful. It allows the CAD user to "import" layers, text styles, blocks, etc. from one CAD drawing to another. This is a pictorial description on how to "copy" a layer that has already been defined in one drawing file to another using the Design Center.

Open the Design Center in AutoCAD  [top]

Before you begin using the AutoCAD Design Center, you must have open the drawing file that you want to copy CAD elements to. Verify which file you have open. Then, on the standard AutoCAD toolbar, there is an icon that launches the design center. Select it.

Go to Your Desktop File Manager  [top]

The Design Center has several ways to manage files. The most common is to use a file manager that is based on your Desktop profile. If your file directory is not showing, select the "Desktop" icon to get the file manager.

For Using Layers from Standard Drawing Templates  [top]

The most common use in copying layers from one drawing to another in the Design Center, is to copy them from standard drawing template files. Our course template files are located on "Metroform - H:\aet241_cripps\template." For detail type drawings, there is a file called "detail_layers.dwg"

Use the Design Center like other Windows file manager operations and open up "Metroform - H:\aet241_cripps\"

Then open up "template\detail_layers.dwg".


Open Folders in Drawing File [top]

Within each CAD file in the Design Center you can display folders for Layers, Dimension Styles, Blocks, etc. Expand the folder list in the drawing file to find the "Layers" folder.


Select Individual Layer to Copy [top]

In the right "window" of the Design Center, will then be listed the layers in that drawing file. Scroll through the list until you find the name of the layer you want to copy to your current drawing file.


Copy Layer by "Drag-and-Drop" Technique [top]

Like all other windows program functions, you can "copy-paste" from the Design Center into your current CAD drawing file using the "Drag" and "Drop" mouse-click technique. While holding down the left mouse button, select the icon of the layer you wish to copy and move the mouse into the drawing file window. When you release the mouse button, the layer will be copied into your drawing file.

Verify Layer by Opening Layer Dialogue Box [top]

To verify that your new layer has been successfully copied into your drawing, check the Layer Dialogue Box.
[ Format ] [ Layer ] The new layer name should be added to the list and ready to use without any set-up fuss and bother.

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